Why use WordPress? Chapter 3

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WordPress Features

With WordPress, you can create powerful, polished sites. It’s the most popular website publishing platform and currently powers more than 20% of the web.

WordPress is constantly improving with updates rolling out regularly to enhance the user experience. With their user-friendly content management system, you don’t need to be a programmer, or know anything about html to update your website.

50, 000 new WordPress websites get published every day, from small business websites, to big media organisations like CNN. The scalability ensures that your website can grow with your business.

Here’s a list of reasons we would recommend using WordPress.


Your website is totally customisable in WordPress; from the colour to the layout.


An intuitive user interface is the result of WordPress’ simple, uncomplicated technology. Adding new pages, blog posts and media can be done without coding and html knowledge.


One of Google’s considerations when indexing your website, is your HTML code. Google does not like excessive code. WordPress is already streamlined which creates a good basis for your future SEO efforts.


W3C sets standards for html code to ensure that websites will comply with the latest browsers. WordPress is W3C compliant


When you build a website on a hosted service, you risk your website data disappearing if the hosted service fails. With WordPress, no one, besides your developers, has access to your content. Your content is also automatically saved, which protects against data loss. Our website maintenance package offers you more security and daily backups for your website.


You can add hundreds or thousands of pages to your WordPress website without compromising the performance in the least. Your website can grow alongside your business.


If you have the right partner setting up your WordPress installation, they will “harden” the installation which actually provides more security against hackers that your average website.


Within WordPress, administrators can create user accounts and specify the level of access these accounts hold.


Finding a designer to work on your website will never be a problem as most designers know how to work with WordPress. Instead of starting from scratch when you want to do a re-design, a designer can edit the existing website.


With responsive themes, your website will identify the device your site visitors are using, and automatically adjust the view appropriately.


WordPress has a built in blog functionality, ready for you to design and activate.

Next Time

In our next post we will be discussing what our design process for a website entails.

Why not let Sunray Media build your website on WordPress? It is, after all, what we specialise in. Find out more about our Website Design Services.

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