WordPress Hosting Myths

Common customer myths

With over two decades’ experience in the industry, we’ve been asked pretty much every WordPress hosting question there is! Below we’ve listed some of the most common things that customers may struggle to understand:

Myth: “It doesn’t matter whether I pick shared hosting or WordPress hosting.”

We have two distinct platforms each optimised for different purposes. If you aren’t planning to use WordPress, want to install additional software, have files outside of WordPress, or think you might move away from WordPress in the future, our standard shared platform is a better choice. If you’re just intending to build a WordPress website (and use email), go for WordPress hosting for the best, most optimised experience.

Myth: “WordPress.com and WordPress.org are interchangeable.”

WordPress.com is a stripped back version of WordPress that doesn’t offer the
range of plugins, themes, customisation and code access that self-hosted WordPress (i.e. the WordPress.org version) does. We offer the full WordPress.org version of the software, meaning you can take advantage of all WordPress features and build any kind of website, not just a blog, and add extras like email and SSL security certificates easily in one place. With WordPress.com you don’t have as much control over your design, functionality, or content.

Myth: “All web hosts’ WordPress platforms are the same.”

When most web hosts offer ‘WordPress hosting’, what they’re really offering is their regular shared hosting platform under a different name. We’ve created a separate, WordPress-only platform that’s been optimised specifically for WordPress websites. It features StackCache for lightning-fast page speeds, SSD storage as standard, optimised security, and comes with WordPress pre-installed for you.

Myth: “WordPress is for blogs, not businesses.”

WordPress is a content management system that originally cemented its popularity as a blogging platform. While it’s great for blogging, it’s also great for businesses because it’s easy to use and extremely versatile. You can use WordPress to create anything from fully-fledged ecommerce websites to booking systems, galleries, information sites and much more. It also adapts well to any experience level; you can use and edit default themes, download or buy more, and choose from thousands of plugins so your website is completely unique and does exactly what you want.

WordPress has a huge support community, so you’ll find that the vast majority of questions you have will have already been answered online, and there are plenty of knowledgeable volunteers if you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for. WordPress is easy to pick up, even for staff who don’t have a technical background, and it’s simple to manage.

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